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Release: 8. If you need a particular release, please check out our FTP site. Related links: Web browser plug-in. How to Compile Tcl. When you download Tcl and Tk you get two programs, wish and tclshsupporting script libraries, and on-line reference documentation.

These programs are general purpose platforms for writing applications with Tcl. Wish includes the graphical user interface toolkit Tk. The packages are ready to use after installation. If you wish to run Tcl dowjload Tk under Windows 3.

Tcl requires wish tcl tk windows download Win32s subsystem on Windows 3. If you keep your Tcl DLL from the 8. One cannot even compile this DLL with the current Microsoft compilers. Downloading Binary Releases for Windows and Macintosh Pre-compiled releases are available for the following Windows and Macintosh platforms. Windows 95 and Windows NT self-extracting installer tcl It will install the Tcl and Tk libraries, the wish and tclsh programs, and documentation.

Macintosh 68K and PowerPC self-extracting installer mactk8. The file is in binhex format, which is understood by Fetch, StuffIt, and many other Mac utilities. The unpacked file is a self-installing executable: double-click on it and it will create a folder wisu all that windkws need to run Tcl and Tk. Downloading Source Releases for Windows, Wish tcl tk windows download, and UNIX If you’re running on a platform other than the ones listed above, or if you want to make modifications to Tcl and Tk, you’ll need to retrieve the source releases.

The files listed below correspond to the latest stable release. Choose between compressed tar and gzipped tar format. The ZIP files listed under the Windows sources contain the same information, too. Compressed Tar Files Tcl sources tcl8. Z Tk sources tk8. Z Gzip’ed Tar Files Tcl sources tcl8. Tk sources for windows tk Macintosh Source Releases: Download one of the following files: Macintosh Tcl sources mactcl-source Macintosh Wish tcl tk windows download sources mactk-source Full Macintosh Source and Libraries mactcltk-full These files are in binhex format, which is understood by Fetch, StuffIt, and many other Mac utilities.

The unpacked file is a self-installing executable: double-click on it and it will create a folder containing sources files used to wish tcl tk windows download Tcl and Tk.

Installation Notes When you retrieve one of these files, you’ll get a compressed tar file with a name like tcl8. The files are wish tcl tk windows download except for the technique used to wish tcl tk windows download them. Z files, but gunzip is not bundled with all UNIX versions.

To unpack the distribution, invoke shell commands like the following, depending on which version of the release you retrieved: gunzip -c tcl8. Z tar xf – unzip tcl Be sure to wish tcl tk windows download Tcl before Tk, since Tk depends on information in Tcl. These wisu should also compile with little or no effort on Windows and Macintosh platforms. More Information See the comp. What’s new wish tcl tk windows download Tcl 8.

See the README and changes files in the distribution for more complete information on what has changed, including both feature changes and bug fixes. Bytecode compiler.

The core of the Tcl interpreter has been replaced with an on-the-fly compiler that translates Tcl scripts to byte codes; a new interpreter then executes the byte codes. In earlier versions of Tcl, strings were used as a universal representation; in Tcl 8.

The new objects make it possible to store information in efficient internal forms and avoid the constant translations to and from strings downkoad occurred with the old interpreter. Wish tcl tk windows download привожу ссылку not yet converted all of Tcl to take full advantage of the compiler and objects and have not converted any of Tk yet, but even so you should see speedups of x downlowd many programs and you may see speedups as much as x in some cases such as code that manipulates long lists.

Future releases should achieve wimdows greater speedups. The compiler introduces only a few minor changes at the level of Tcl scripts, but it introduces many new C APIs for managing objects.

There is a new namespace mechanism based on the implementation by Michael McLennan of Lucent Technologies. This includes new namespace and variable commands. The new object ссылка in Tcl 8. Many commands, such as putsgetsand readnow operate correctly on binary data. Random numbers. The expr command now contains downloav random number generator, which can be accessed via the rand and srand math functions. Registry support. A new registry command is available under Windows to access the registry.

It is available as a package named registry. Safe-Tcl enhancements. There wish tcl tk windows download now support for safe packages and extension loading, including new library procedures such as safe::interpCreate see the manual entry safe. HTTP wish tcl tk windows download.

See the manual entry http. There is a new command file attributes for getting and setting things like permissions and owner. There is also a new command file nativename for getting back the platform-specific name for a particular file.

There is a new fcopy command to copy data between channels either in foreground or in the background using file wisy. This replaces and improves upon the not-so-secret unsupported old command unsupported0. There are new library procedures for finding word breaks in strings.

See the manual entry library. The lsort command has new options -dictionary and -index. The -index option allows for very rapid sorting based on an element of a list. New notifier. The event notifier has been completely rewritten again. It should now allow Tcl to use an external event loop like Motif’s when it is embedded in other applications. No script-level interfaces have changed, but many of the C APIs have.

What’s new in Tk wish tcl tk windows download. Native look and feel. The widgets have been rewritten to provide nearly? Many widgets, skyrim for pc scrollbars, menus, and the button family, are implemented with native platform widgets.

Others, such as entries and texts, have been modified to emulate native look and feel. These changes are backwards compatible except that a some configuration options are now ignored on some platforms and b you must use the new menu mechanism described below to get native look and feel for menus.

New menus. There is a new interface for creating menus, where a menubar is implemented as a menu widget instead of a frame containing menubuttons.

Dpwnload -menu option for a toplevel is used to wish tcl tk windows download the name читать больше the menubar; the menu will be displayed outside the toplevel using different mechanisms on each platform e.

See the menu demos in the widget demo for examples. The old style of menus still works, but does not provide native look and feel. Menus have several new features: New -columnbreak and -hidemargin options make it possible gk create multi-column menus. It is now possible to manipulate the Apple and Help menus on the Macintosh, and the system menu on Windows. It is also possible to have a right justified Help menu wish tcl tk windows download Unix.

Applications can use this to generate help messages. There is a new -direction option for menubuttons, which controls where the menu pops up relative увидеть больше the button. New font mechanism. See the manual entry windos. Font requests always succeed now. If the requested font is not available, Tk finds the doanload available font and uses that one. Tk now supports named fonts whose precise attributes can be changed dynamically. If a named font is changed, any widget using that font updates itself to reflect the change.

There is a new command font for creating named fonts and querying various left 4 dead 2 download game pc full about fonts. There are now officially supported C APIs for measuring and displaying text.

If you use these APIs now, your code will automatically handle international text when internationalization is added to Tk in a future release.



Wish tcl tk windows download.Tk Applications – wish manual page


These are listed below. If not already installed, you can use your system’s package manager to install the appropriate packages. For example, on a Debian system, you can type apt-get install tcl to install Tcl. Note than some components, even including Tk, man pages and C libraries may be separate packages and installed in a similar manner.

If you do not have privileges to install software or if you need a newer version than the one provided by the system, you may use one of the alternative means нажмите чтобы увидеть больше obtaining Tcl as described below. Binary Distributions Pre-built Tcl distributions for many wish tcl tk windows download platforms are available for download. These include both traditional installers as well as single file “download and run” executables.

See Wish tcl tk windows download distributions. See Source distributions for instructions on downloading and compiling. The Tcler’s Wiki is an alternate, but uncategorized, resource for the same. Here is the Tcl source distribution licensebut be sure to check the license for any particular distribution you use.

This is the main Tcl Developer Xchange site, www. Hosted by.


Wish tcl tk windows download.Why Download Tcl From The ActiveState Platform?

WebDownloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project wishgl2 – Tcl/tk + OpenGL Make an extension of Wish from Tcl /tk and include a new widget called glview. Each . WebDownload Tcl/Tk Download Tcl/Tk Binary Releases For other ways to obtain Tcl/Tk (such as binary distributions), see the main Tcl/Tk page. Source Releases Each . WebThis provides a mechanism for passing arguments such as -name to a script instead of having wish interpret them. DESCRIPTION Wish is a simple program consisting of the . WebDec 05,  · Download Tcl for Free. The trusted Tcl distribution for Windows, Linux and Mac, pre-bundled with top Tcl/Tk modules. ActiveTcl includes a version of Tcl and. The .

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