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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam follows in the style of previous…. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam follows in the style of previous Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games as an action-oriented hack and slash with some tactical elements. For example: players are given more ranged combat options than in other Dynasty Warriors games, although melee combat is still the focus of the game. Units in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam are much more mobile, using their thrusters to dash, jump in mid-air, and for some even fly.

Combines the fast-paced excitement and epic, cinematic action of the Dynasty Warriors gameplay with the rich storylines and characters of the Gundam universe. More mobile suits, plus stories featuring mecha from the latest Gundam series. There are two Modes with the game: Official and Mission Mode. However, like the previous game, an original story is still the main focus of the game.

The original story is featured within an all-new Mission Mode, where characters are given specific missions to accomplish, such as acquiring parts for various mobile suits Collection Mission and reinforcing or defeating other characters to increase friendship status or develop rivalries Friendship Mission.

In order for characters to use other mobile suits. Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Finally, Gallery mode is renamed gallery and library mode in the Japanese version, detailing character biographies, mobile suit and battleship information, movie clips and musical tracks from the various Gundam series themes Japanese version only.

A team of characters who teamed up in the first Dynasty Warriors Gundam appear. After a short period of time, the third ace will show up, and the team will cause havoc on the battlefield, randomly switching the ownership of the fields. The Black Tri-Stars attack the player. Weapon deadlocks, or Duels, are different and it requires the player to input a random button sequence in a certain amount of time.

Although the unique CP Attack system has been removed, the players can still build it to three levels and high classed Mobile Suits can moreover perform aerial CP attacks. When two allied ace pilots are near each another and have their RT attack gauge full, they can perform an innovative combination attack known as Combination SP or CP attack together.

While pilots can still continue to use various mecha, higher leveled Mobile Suits. Now, each mecha has a part for their arms, legs, and torso. These parts are collected by playing as the mobile suit, defeating multiple enemies, or defeating an Ace in that suit; and have integrated levels. Like the other Warriors games, the highest rank for each part is Part 4, which can be unlocked by successfully fulfilling special requirements and difficult missions in Mission Mode.

The maximum amount of points that a part can add for any attribute is , or depending on the model and the part. Story Mode replaces Official Mode in the first game.

Fully completing the Story Modes for each character unlocks them in Mission Mode. Mission Mode replaces Original Mode. Instead of a single story, Mission Mode acts like a shared universe based on Universal Century, as well as the presence of characters from the other active Alternate Universes. Each character has their own separate set of Story Missions of a varying number. Super Robot Wars Free Missions are a series of random missions and extra challenges.

Friendship Missions are used to primarily affect the Friendship ratings with other pilots, and can unlock certain pilots for use.

License Missions allow the character to unlock the mobile suits of certain other pilots Collection Missions allow the player to collect parts of certain mobile suits by fighting lots of them. Extra Missions are high-level challenges, usually to gain level 4 parts for certain suits.

Outside of missions, the Mobile Suit Lab is where the player can improve on parts as mentioned above, and the Terminal is where the character receives messages that can unlock other missions. Ever since the bizarre.

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