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By Jesal Shethna. The new InDesign CS6 comes with interesting new features and ample enhancements that offer perfect precision control over design elements such as layout, typography, and the publishing friendly nature that suits every media.

An additional advantage of using the latest software is well-matched using of familiar InDesign workflow for publishing and digital mediums. Start Your Free Design Course. The following are the latest features that add more value to the InDesign CS6. Priorities of design have drastically changed in the past few years.

The liquid layout is the latest feature that helps designers to create content for multiple page sizes and orientations across diverse device platforms. By applying liquid page rules, you can determine how design elements of your page appear when you create an alternative layout of a different size or ratio. Every designer comes across a daunting situation after completing a design to a particular size as per the client requirement.

But, the phone rings at the last moment, and the client asks from the other end of the phone, Can you change the template dimensions to a new size and send it immediately? All the labour you invested so far went into vain. Relax; the new InDesign has a solution so you can quickly fix the sizes avoiding hours of the pain-stalking crafting part. Adobe understood the importance of the requirement in the increasingly demanding print and digital mediums.

With this new feature, designers enjoy the advantage of creating page sizes of the same document in the same file. For example, you can design a document with multiple variants as horizontal and vertical layouts. Here, aside from the print and web intents, now users can specify the digital publishing intent before creating a document. Most importantly, the new feature is intended to easily convert the content from one medium to another or from one device specifications to another.

In this version, Adobe vigorously extended its reach far from its former. Now, it is possible to link an object in a layout to other objects with other document layouts. You can choose to define one layout as the Parent frame, and the other layouts will be the child frames. InDesign intelligently remembers the content of the Parent and its connections.

If the content from the Parent frame is modified, the Child items indicate the changes in the link. A warning is displayed in the child layouts, and it can be easily updated with a click. Playing around with the text frame options is always a tough job for designers. To ease the job to a great extent, InDesign introduced flexible width column options.

With the help of this feature, you can easily control the number and width of the column by resizing the text frame. Once the set numbers are reached, the columns are automatically added, and in case the file reached the maximum column width, the column will be deleted.

Linked Content is the functionality defined to duplicate images and content of one page easily on several other pages. The content can vary anything from links, text frames, interactive objects on the page, groups or the whole page items.

The linkage is made possible independently irrespective of the frames they are contained in. A major advantage of the linked content is perceived while working on multi-device publication jobs.

However, the feature is made applicable for all types of publications. The linked content feature can be shared with the Alternate Layouts to use the content in the generation layouts. Content Collector and Content Placer tools play a vital role in making linked content handy to the designers. They allow you to duplicate easily and place the content on an open InDesign document. The content conveyor displays the copied content, which in return used to place and link content between multiple documents.

The merits of Linked Content is not limited to the content mentioned above. Copying and mapping the style of various forms of content as Text, Paragraphs, Tables, and Cells has become easier than ever. You can easily copy and map the style of one object to another.

The latest version buttons and libraries are loaded with content that you can use to design interactive forms. Rather, you can choose to specify the tab orders and tooltips through InDesign. With the help of the Interaction design tool and Adobe Edge web motion, it is easy to work on animated content on websites. It is possible to place an Edge package on your layout to give it interaction and animation.

World-Ready composers with HunSpelli dictionaries came together to add an advantage of using several world languages into InDesign. Most of the languages in InDesign are shipped from the HunSpell dictionaries. HunSpell being an open-source platform, users can choose to download the required spelling and hyphenation dictionaries of the intended languages. Users can choose the EPUB version which they want to export the file.

Alongside with the added features, the dialog box to export EPUB files is rearranged for further convenience. Quite a lot of improvements were added to the export to HTML for convenience and efficiency. Few of the enhanced supports are. Adobe adds value to its products by enhancing the existing tools and making valuable additions from time to time. Similarly, the new InDesign CS6 has its set of productivity enhancements that helps to make the users job. It is now easy to compare two different layouts of the same document.

The split window feature allows you to split the existing window into two panes for easily comparing the contents of both the layouts. Adobe extension manager is always an add-on for the loyal Adobe fans. As always, the CS6 version also had its set of improvements in the extension manager. One of the many interesting features added to the version is the quick search tool. Unlike the older versions, with the help of the new search tool, it became much easier to search for file extensions through names and metadata tags.

The dependency feature is one more important addition in the versions, With the help of the dependency feature, one extension can have multiple dependency extensions, and the dependency information can be specified in the MXI files. With all the newly added features in Adobe InDesign CS6, it is once again proved that InDesign is the most flexible and user-friendly software when it comes to publishing and layout management.

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