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Sep 16,  · Especially if you’re new to graphic design, you should get started with Affinity Designer instead of Illustrator. A free trial is available with all By: Roshan Perera. Answer: Hey! Here are some of the best open source and/or free alternatives for designing – * InkScape – This is one of the most popular vector design software available and it is quite powerful too. [1] * Vectr – Another free open source vector . Mar 08,  · Also known as DrawPlus SE, Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition is a free graphic design and illustration software. If you’re familiar with the creative programs Affinity Designer and Affinity Photos, this is another of their offerings. This free Illustrator alternative lets you create animations, vector graphics, and other visual assets.

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The best Affinity Designer alternatives are Vectornator, Inkscape and Adobe Photoshop. Our crowd-sourced lists contains more than 25 apps. Top 10 Alternatives to Affinity Designer · Adobe Illustrator · Sketch · CorelDRAW · Inkscape · Gravit Designer · Lunacy · Snappa · Vector Magic.


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Are you a member? Register or Login. All this time, Illustrator has been the go-to software for vector graphics design.

Illustrator is now part of their workflow and career. Adobe used this loyalty to their advantage, by converting their software licensing to a subscription plan. You now have to pay a monthly price to keep using the software. Affinity Designer is everything that you want a graphic design software to be. But, is it powerful enough to provide all the tools you need to do your work? Does it have all the essential features of Illustrator? To answer these questions, we compared Affinity Designer against Adobe Illustrator.

Discover thousands of Affinity Designer graphics for your next project with an Envato Elements membership. Explore Affinity Designer Templates. The latest version of Illustrator CC packs quite a lot of amazing features and tools that make it powerful enough to serve all types of creatives from freelance designers to Hollywood movie poster designers and everyone in between.

Affinity Designer , initially released in exclusively on Mac devices, arrived on the Windows platform in with a promise of a better alternative to Illustrator. It was quite a bold approach to compete with an industry leader such as Adobe with decades of experience. Somehow, Affinity made it possible. Affinity Designer offers all the essentials you need for vector graphics design and possibly more. One of the reasons it became so successful is not just because of the affordable price, there are even free Illustrator alternatives out there, but because of the quality of the app.

But also because of their ease of use. Adobe Illustrator, on the other hand, has a very complicating user interface. The same goes for Affinity Designer. But, it has a simpler user interface than Illustrator. Probably because it lacks some of the more advanced tools offered in Illustrator, like the mesh tool, blend tool, knife tool, and the large collection of filters and effects.

They are slated to be added in future updates. But of course, they are non-essential tools you can certainly learn to live without. Adobe had decades of research and development to fine-tune all its software, including Illustrator. Especially the CC versions are much more advanced than it used to be. However, the software has a tool palette with all the necessary tools to make it a vector editor suitable for professionals.

Artboards quickly became an essential part of Illustrator. Illustrator has a dedicated tool for creating artboards on the fly and customizing them to your preference. Affinity Designer falls short in this area. You have the option to enable artboards when creating a new document.

If drawing pad support is essential for your work, Illustrator is the best choice. Adobe has made sure it supports all popular drawing tablets. Drawing tablet support in Affinity Designer is still a work in progress. While it works well with popular tablets, many users have expressed their frustrations of tablet compatibility issues on popular forums such as Reddit.

When it comes to supported file types, Affinity Designer is way ahead of Illustrator. Especially because of the shared file type used by Affinity Photo and Designer software. This allows you to easily edit and customize the same file on both software.

Affinity Designer also has a feature called Personas. Which lets you switch between vector and pixel designs. Like for working on shapes and images at the same time. Needless to say, Illustrator also supports all popular file types. However, having to keep both Photoshop and Illustrator opened at the same time to work on the same file can be frustrating at times.

The pricing difference is the main reason why many users lean towards Affinity Designer. And you get to use the software for the rest of your life and get all future updates for free. Adobe Illustrator comes as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

There are thousands of templates, UI kits, icon packs, vector graphics available in various design marketplaces. Affinity Designer assets and resources can also be found in abundance. But not as much as Illustrator. On the plus side, all Illustrator files are compatible with Affinity Designer. So you can still use those Illustrator templates in Affinity Designer as well. If you tend to make a lot of mistakes or prefer to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong, Affinity Designer will have you fully covered.

It lets you undo your changes for up to 8, times. And it includes history snapshots as well. Clearly, no one would be crazy enough to spend hours clicking the undo button for 8, times. Even though we absolutely love everything about Affinity Designer, we still have to award the crown to Adobe Illustrator as the best software in the vector design industry. In terms of usability, tools, features, community support, development, and overall functionality, Illustrator is still way ahead of all other vector design apps.

However, you can still use Affinity Designer without all those unique traits of Illustrator. A free trial is available with all Affinity software. And be sure to read our Affinity Photo vs Photoshop comparison as well.


The Top 7 Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator of


Written by Caroline Forsey cforsey1. Luckily, there are plenty of top-notch free alternatives on the market, some of which offer features unparalleled by Illustrator. One of the most comparable substitutes to Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape has plenty of similar sketching, illustrating, and editing tools, including keys to move and rotate by screen pixels, bitmap tracing, color painting over objects, and edit gradients with handles.

You can create complex textures and gradients in Inkscape, too. Unlike some free tools, this tool allows layering, grouping, and locking objects so you can completely customize the look and feel of a project while maintaining a streamlined workflow. Inkscape is a quality product for pro- or semi-pro web designers working within SVG file format. It also offers an open source vector graphics package, so if you have the technical skills, you can incorporate Inkscape into your other software programs.

Image Source. GIMP, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, has limited vector functions but has similar tools to Photoshop, making it an impressive image editor with powerful image manipulation options. Better still, GIMP provides options for customization and third party plug-ins, so if your image editing needs are somewhat unique, you might want to check this tool out. GIMP is free and open source, so there is a market of third party plugins to enhance your productivity and design capabilities.

If this sounds technically advanced, GIMP offers tutorials for newcomers to the tool so you get the most out of it. It provides options for Google Fonts integration and has an Open Clip Art Library, as well as illustrator tools including pens, bezier curves, groups, shapes, text, and more.

Ultimately, BoxySVG is simpler than Illustrator, and while this means less advanced tools, it also means a quicker and easier process for creating vector graphic files.

The intuitive user interface gives you a clean workspace so you can complete your workflow without clutter or overlapping toolboxes.

Keyboard shortcuts keep tools accessible without switching between tabs or searching through several icons. The day free trial includes these features. Pixlr offers plenty of features for editing, creating, and sharing creative images.

Pixlr has two options: Pixlr E for photo editing and Pixlr X for graphic design. You can also enjoy access to other pre-made features such as fonts, filters, gradients, textures, widgets, patterns, and other graphical elements. Janvas lets you search Pixabay for images and incorporate them into your design right within the program. Explore : Best Sites Like Behance. Inkscape is open-source software that provides professional-quality tools to help you create logos , web graphics, illustrations, maps, icons, diagrams, and more.

In addition to basic drawing tools, it boasts advanced manipulation functions, clone arrangement, templates, pattern creation, mesh gradients, clever fill settings, and various filters. The software is built to be extendible so you can increase its functionality with plugins and addons. As with most things, the program is not without flaws. For those who need a vector graphics editor for the main purpose of creating and editing SVG files for web pages, SVG Edit might be the best Adobe Illustrator alternative for you.

This open-source software is super easy to use. It runs in your browser and is stuffed with enough features to keep you busy and satisfied. SVG Edit offers vector graphics editing features like path tools, hand-drawing tools, and text tools. SVG Edit is built on Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 programming languages with no server-side function, so if you have a decent coding experience, you can download it, tweak the code, and modify the software to suit your preferences.

One major downside of SVG Edit is the lack of pre-built graphic elements like templates, images, icons, and symbols. This makes it best suited for people who want to create and edit their own designs from scratch. The GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is an advanced image editor that lets you manipulate images, create designs, and edit creative composites using its impressive range of tools.

The software can be used for creating icons, symbols, illustrations, and a wide array of user interface elements. Gimp allows you to bring your imagination to life and turn ordinary images into stunning creations. Many graphic designers and illustrators from all across the globe love Gimp because it offers lots of editing functions for SVG file format. It allows you to produce icons, symbols, logos, and other designs just as quickly and easily as you can with Illustrator. With the blur tool, you can rectify image noise to make your designs more compelling.

Gimp is designed to be extensible so it can be easily integrated with other technical platforms, plug-ins, and languages such as Perl, Scgema. No list of the best free Adobe Illustrator alternatives would be complete without mentioning Lunacy. It can draw, take photos, align and merge vector objects, or even create complex typography. Lunacy can help you design smart shapes and edit existing designs. It gives you access to stock photos , AI-generated faces, and royalty-free music.

If you want an Adobe Illustrator-like tool that has all the essential design features and more without the hefty price tag, Vectornator is a great option.

Launched in , Vectonator has grown into one of the best vector graphics programs on the market. Vectornator enables you to design all kinds of objects from complex illustrations, detailed paths, and expressive typography to simple logos.

It offers the highest resolution digital canvas for designers and artists. You can create your own brushes or edit and customize existing ones to fit your needs. With the creative cloud library, you can switch back and forth between devices and continue your designs on the go, wherever you are. If you ever get stuck while using Vectornator, the program has plenty of video tutorials that explain how every part and feature of the tool works. The one thing that Vectornator struggles with is the importing and exporting of files.

However, the company is working on changing this, so you can expect a stronger update with wider file format support sometime soon.

This open-source application provides a comprehensive solution for building digital art elements and files from scratch or editing existing ones. Krita empowers you to paint, sketch, illustrate, or create visual effects.

The platform is built by artists and designed with texture painting, concept art, comic, and animations in mind and it provides a lot of sensational and creative features that both beginners and pros can benefit from. Krita comes with a brush stabilizer tool that smoothens your lines which is something people with shaky hands will really appreciate.

It offers layer masks, effects, drawing assistants, pop-up palette, color management, canvas rotation, mirroring tools, filters, and other handy features that can transform your design in minutes. The wrap-around mode helps you add textures to your projects and the brush engines enable you to customize your own brush to give you the exact level of precision that you need. Its panels and layout can be customized to match your preferred design workflow.

Since Krita is an open-source tool, new updates are always being added and it integrates seamlessly with other applications. Also Read : Best Sketchup Alternatives. DrawPlus is a 2D vector graphics and animation editor that gives you access to standard and advanced design tools which you can use to create logos , sketches, animations, posters, layouts, artwork, and shapes.

As an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, SketchBook is better suited for creative professionals who are more interested in painting, drawing, and illustrations, rather than the traditional vector graphics design. You can add rich textures and shapes with precision.

SketchBook also comes with a variety of blending modes, selection tools, and brushes. You can easily distort your illustrations to correct proportions, line work, and perspectives, and apply fill or gradient fill.

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