[Manually uninstall vmware workstation 14 free

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Manually uninstall vmware workstation 14 free

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Do you see the same problem with the VMWare package on other boxes? Do co-workers – with similar login credentials and rights – see the same problem s? Maybe group policy blocks them? Is this a package you downloaded yourself, or is it “blessed” by a sys-admin? Do you know if this is a bit or bit package?

Do you have a tool to open the MSI? Improve this answer. Does this happen with other packages on the box as well? Try to run another package in modify or repair mode? Make it a small package – Orca perhaps? Orca is quick to reinstall – do you have Visual Studio installed? Turns out this was a corporate thing!!! Yes, pretty much as expected – a little unusual that you didn’t get a clearer error message. You may be in a “hybrid” environment where users have “some rights”, but not enough to do what they need all the time.

Show 1 more comment. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. This, of course, leads to the next question; what exactly is VMware?

VMware is essentially your control panel for all other devices besides your primary one yes, you can even have more than one secondary machine. Using VMware from your primary machine, you can configure settings, transfer data, and interact between the two devices simultaneously. Well, there are plenty of reasons. Unfortunately, removing the software entirely can prove tricky for some users. This article aims to make the process as straightforward and intuitive as possible. You can do this by entering the command su — root and running it.

Now, manually run the VMware uninstallation script. Once your system has fully rebooted, the uninstallation process is complete. If your plan was to reinstall the software, this would be the point where you could start your fresh installation of VMware.

If you want to uninstall VMware for Linux without using the compiler , there are several other guides on its knowledge base here. Many people use VMware tools for Windows 10 due to it being an easy-to-use control panel and because most people have Windows as their base operating system and use virtual machines to test out alternatives. You simultaneously have the easiest uninstallation process as well as the one that is somehow most likely to give an error.

After this section, we have an alternative removal method that prevents a majority of these errors. While this is specifically a guide to uninstall for Windows 10 users , the process is similar enough for Windows 8 and 7 that you should have no problem following along if you use either of these. First, open your Control Panel. However, the bundle installer is used to uninstall VMware from a Linux system. If you uninstall VMware and do not save the configuration files, the Shared VMs library will also be deleted.

Later, when you install it again, your virtual machines will not appear. In this article, we will remove VMware Workstation from Linux, and we will delete its entire configuration. To completely delete VMware from Linux, follow the steps below. Step 1. Run Terminal on the desktop and allow Root access with the su command.



[How to uninstall VMware Workstation Player with Revo Uninstaller

If the above answers dont work Go to Downloads folder where you have downloaded VMware Workstation and run that file there you will get the option for. Virtual machines created with the Technology Preview version will not be affected by the uninstallation of the final version of the VMware. This article provides steps for manually removing VMware Workstation when the uninstaller script or RPM package fails to remove the product.


[Manually uninstall vmware workstation 14 free

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